Saturday, May 1, 2010

An enemy, but a gift.

There are so many elements of time. Time cannot be mimiced. Time is time.
There was time before I, and there will be time after. One moment will always be its own unique moment.
Just as a moment in time becomes history; history is a moment in time.
What was once can never be recreated, because time does not rewind.
Time goes forward, but never back. And this, in my eyes, is one of life's greater tragedies.
They say what once was shall never be again; and this is one of the most valid, raw things I have heard in my time.

Time is an enemy, but time is a gift.

I wish there were a way to preserve a memory accessible through the human senses I have been blessed with. A memory I could not only see and hear, but touch. I would hate to have to creep through the dark, narrow spaces and somehow find the secret passages in my brain where the memories that have become lost as a result of time, the enemy but the gift, reside. I would play back this memory as many times as I pleased, and time could not interfere.

Tomorrow is not promised, and yesterday will never be today.
Cherish all you have in your life, because when a moment becomes prior, you will never see that moment again.

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