Monday, April 26, 2010

Where there is water there is life.

Water is another thing that God created that amazes me.
It is like a natural made mirror; It reflects anything in its path.
When I see water I think of an astonishing pureness that cannot be replicated. To me it represents life.
They say that where there is water there is life.
The thought of lying under a lush green tree and hearing the soft sound of a steady stream flowing is enough to put me in an indescribable stupor that I'm not so sure I'd want to get out of.
Water is something that is needed. When I look at the natural beauty that surrounds me, it fills my heart with a such a genuine happiness; and it reiterates to me that God is good and God is real.
I believe that we humans should look not to material things as commodities, but at the beautiful natural gifts that God has placed all around us as the true commodities.
Life is full of sweet things.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Its about the history

In a nutshell: I'm down to share my views, my writing, & my slowly growing love of photography. I don't write like other people. If you're down, I'm down.
(yes everything i write is original from my brain, and the pictures i show are original photos taken by me)

So I'm a writer. Always have been.
I'd look into the future as a kid and see a pen & paper. Its something that can keep me happy and occupied for days. I'm not interested in the proper formats of writing, the ways you're "supposed" to write; none of that. I write the way I write. Appreciate it, or don't.
I make grammatical errors when I want to, and you can still understand what you are reading. I don't always capitalize the words that are supposed to be either.
Well, I always wanted to be a journalist "when i grew up". Didn't make the title "journalist" but I'm still a writer. What would me holding a certificate with the words "journalism major" mean? I need a paper to tell me and the world who I am? My goal is not to appeal to certain people; my goal is to continue to be who i am and to never let it die.
The writer in me came from my dad. He's a poet, artist, and natural born writer. He didn't teach me to write, i just started writing. Much like how I haven't taught my 2 1/2 month old to love the outside and nature, like i do, he just does. I sit with him next to a window and i just observe as he looks at the colors of the trees, the blue birds that have a nest somewhere in the tree right outside our window, and the clouds. He seems to enjoy it as much as i do, if not more. He doesn't know what a tree is, what birds are, or what clouds are; but he looks at them as though they're his favorite things in the world. The feeling i get inside when i see the deep focus in his eyes and the smile forming in his face is truly indescribable.
I wish that i could recall what went through my head when i saw those things for the first time. I don't know that it would be so different than the way i feel now when i look at those things. They truly do amaze me. Nuff said for today.

Maybe it'll stop raining. I wanna take Michael outsidEeeEe