Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What is reality, and what are merely things inside ones mind that only come out at night?
There I lay, enveloped in my linens.
My eyes began to spasm as I stared at my window, the sweet early morning light barely peeking through.
I sat and watched, but did nothing to try to stop myself from the clear trauma I was experiencing.
There I lay, in those linens, but there I stood observing my own self.
My body lay there, rooted down and as immovable as a structure made of stone.
A transparent face looked me right in my eyes, as if to stare through me, rather than at me.
I continued to watch myself, as my unrelenting body convulsed.
Through the eyes of my body that lay there, in that daze, i observed the face.
It took great pleasure in taunting and provoking me, as I lay there, unable to defend myself.
This seemed to continue for an eternity...and then I woke up.

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