Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Its about the history

In a nutshell: I'm down to share my views, my writing, & my slowly growing love of photography. I don't write like other people. If you're down, I'm down.
(yes everything i write is original from my brain, and the pictures i show are original photos taken by me)

So I'm a writer. Always have been.
I'd look into the future as a kid and see a pen & paper. Its something that can keep me happy and occupied for days. I'm not interested in the proper formats of writing, the ways you're "supposed" to write; none of that. I write the way I write. Appreciate it, or don't.
I make grammatical errors when I want to, and you can still understand what you are reading. I don't always capitalize the words that are supposed to be either.
Well, I always wanted to be a journalist "when i grew up". Didn't make the title "journalist" but I'm still a writer. What would me holding a certificate with the words "journalism major" mean? I need a paper to tell me and the world who I am? My goal is not to appeal to certain people; my goal is to continue to be who i am and to never let it die.
The writer in me came from my dad. He's a poet, artist, and natural born writer. He didn't teach me to write, i just started writing. Much like how I haven't taught my 2 1/2 month old to love the outside and nature, like i do, he just does. I sit with him next to a window and i just observe as he looks at the colors of the trees, the blue birds that have a nest somewhere in the tree right outside our window, and the clouds. He seems to enjoy it as much as i do, if not more. He doesn't know what a tree is, what birds are, or what clouds are; but he looks at them as though they're his favorite things in the world. The feeling i get inside when i see the deep focus in his eyes and the smile forming in his face is truly indescribable.
I wish that i could recall what went through my head when i saw those things for the first time. I don't know that it would be so different than the way i feel now when i look at those things. They truly do amaze me. Nuff said for today.

Maybe it'll stop raining. I wanna take Michael outsidEeeEe

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